Welcome to Our Family

“Step into the heartwarming embrace of Pawsitive Mix Therapy Dogs, “where canine companionship meets the power of healing paws”

At Pawsitive Mix Therapy Dogs, our mission is to breed and nurture therapy dogs that go beyond companionship – they become healing companions. We are dedicated to assisting individuals facing life’s challenges, with a special focus on those grappling with illness and loss. Through the unwavering support of our uniquely bred therapy dogs, we aim to bring comfort, joy, and a source of strength to those who need it most. Our commitment extends beyond breeding exceptional canine partners; it encompasses fostering meaningful connections and making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in their journey towards healing and resilience.

About Us

Welcome to the heartwarming legacy of Pawsitive Mix Therapy Dogs, where our commitment to compassion, responsibility, and integrity has shaped a remarkable journey spanning over 30 years. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and a profound belief in the therapeutic power of dogs.

A Legacy of Experience: With over three decades of experience in canine companionship, Pawsitive Mix Therapy Dogs was founded by Scott and Shirley Fraser. What began as a personal love for dogs evolved into a mission to bring comfort and healing to individuals facing life’s challenges. Drawing on extensive expertise, Scott and Shirley have curated a breeding program that prioritizes not just the physical well-being of our dogs but also their temperament and emotional resilience.

Hybrid Breeds for Health and Temperament: Understanding the significance of a dog’s role in therapy, we made a conscious decision to specialize in breeding hybrid dogs. Our journey led us to discover that hybrid breeds, such as Shihpoos, Maltipoos, and Poochons, (and occasionally Cockapoos) embody a unique combination of health benefits and temperament traits. Through careful breeding practices, we aim to harness the best qualities of each breed, ensuring our therapy dogs are not only physically robust but also possess gentle, affectionate, and emotionally stable temperaments.

Benefits of Hybrids over Purebreds: Our commitment to breeding hybrid dogs is rooted in the belief that they offer a holistic advantage over purebred counterparts. Hybrids tend to exhibit increased vitality, reduced genetic issues, and a diverse gene pool that enhances overall well-being. This careful blending of breeds results in dogs that not only boast excellent health but also possess a balance of traits, making them ideal companions for therapy work.

Core Values: Compassion, Responsibility, and Integrity: At the core of our business are three guiding principles – compassion, responsibility, and integrity. These values underpin every aspect of our operations, from the meticulous care of our breeding pairs to the nurturing of each puppy in our care. We believe in fostering an environment of love, respect, and ethical responsibility, ensuring that our dogs contribute positively to the lives they touch.

Commitment to Ethical Breeding Practices: We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical breeding practices. Our breeding program focuses on the health, happiness, and overall well-being of our dogs. Each breeding decision is made with careful consideration of genetic diversity, temperament, and the ultimate goal of producing therapy dogs that are not only exceptional in their roles but also cherished members of the families they join.

Conclusion: As we reflect on our rich history, we invite you to join us in the celebration of Pawsitive Mix Therapy Dogs – a legacy built on experience, love, and the transformative power of canine companionship. Together, let’s continue spreading joy, comfort, and healing through our exceptional hybrid therapy dogs.

Shih Tzu – Prissy

Meet Prissy, the embodiment of canine serenity. This Shih Tzu is a beautiful, calm, and obedient sweetheart that loves nothing more than to be cuddled. What sets Prissy apart is her ability to be left alone without any emotional upset, showcasing a remarkable level of independence. With a wonderfully soft and beautiful coat, Prissy is both a joy to touch and behold. Importantly, she is free from health issues, and this delightful disposition is seamlessly passed down to her puppies. Prissy’s legacy lies in creating a lineage of affectionate and easygoing companions, making her an invaluable member of our breeding family.

Shih Tzu – Chewy

Step into the delightful world of Chewy, our charming miniature Shih Tzu! At just 8 lbs, Chewy is a pocket-sized bundle of joy with a fabulous temperament that will melt your heart. Her cuddly and quiet nature makes her the perfect companion for cozy moments. When paired with Sparky, our toy Poodle, their puppies often inherit the coveted toy size, creating an adorable lineage. Chewy brings not just size but a wonderful blend of traits that make her puppies not only irresistibly cute but also fantastic companions. Join us on this journey where Chewy’s friendly genes leave an indelible mark on our furry family.

Maltese  – Toodie

Meet our enchanting Maltese, a paragon of beauty and sweetness! With a friendly and cuddly nature, she’s not just a pet but a delightful companion. Her fine features, coupled with a temperament that exudes warmth, result in beautiful puppies that embody the essence of charm. Blessed with a clean bill of health and zero issues, our Maltese is a testament to responsible breeding practices. Join us in celebrating the joy and beauty that our Maltese brings, as she continues to grace our breeding haven with her lovable presence and the creation of adorable, healthy puppies.

Toy Poodle – Sparky


Meet our lovable Toy Poodle, a tiny bundle of joy at just 6 lbs! This adorable, spunky little guy brings a world of charm with his cuteness and tons of personality. His super-loving and cuddly nature make him an instant favorite, while his intelligence shines through in every playful interaction. With no health issues, he’s a testament to our commitment to responsible breeding. What makes him truly special is the seamless blend of endearing traits, complementing the laid-back calmness of our Shih Tzus. Join us in celebrating this delightful addition to our breeding family, where every wag is a testament to joy!

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